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5 Tips on How to Leverage the Power of Social Media for Effective Affiliate Marketing

Utilizing the power of social media for affiliate marketing is one of the simplest and quickest ways to begin making money online. Affiliate marketing is a partnership between a company and an external website, where the external party helps to promote a product or products, and the company pays the external party a commission for each click that transforms into a sale.

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Social media offers a lot of capabilities for affiliate marketers, and leveraging platforms effectively can help to optimize your success. Understanding each social network’s audiences, features, and messaging capabilities is essential to make the most of your online presence.

The following are the five critical strategies, insights and tips to help you successfully integrate social media into your business.

1. Create A Redirect Link

Affiliate links have become easy to spot, and this may turn off potential traffic within your audience by way of feeling “sketchy” or like you’re pulling one over on them. Rather than using just your affiliate link, create a redirect link that looks a bit simpler and cleaner, and therefore more attractive for those clicks. A clean and simple link is a link that will be more enticing to click.

2. Save the Pitches for Your Site

People follow your business and engage with your content on social media because they find it interesting, entertaining or valuable. Your social channels aren’t the place to simply pitch your affiliate products. Instead, save the strong promotions for your landing pages and blog posts.

Use your social posts to attract interest from people in your target market based on the value they derive from your content and conversation. Think about the topics of interest to your targeted social user and build message campaigns around them. The occasional glowing endorsement of a highly-preferred product is fine—just don’t overdo it.

When you do include an affiliate link, remember to create a redirect that makes it less obvious that you are selling a product. Some social networks automatically create condensed URLs for embedded links. You can also use your hosting network’s resources.

3. Use Photos and Videos

Photos say a thousand words, and they are one of the best ways to draw attention for social media posts. Think about scrolling through your newsfeed – what types of posts do your eyes naturally fall upon while carelessly scrolling? Photos! Using product photos or related photos to go along with your social media for affiliate marketing posts will naturally draw the eye of your reader, and therefore naturally draw their attention. Using Instagram for your social media for affiliate marketing platform of choice can really show you what the power of photos holds.

People scan their feeds instantaneously, and powerful visualization is more likely to earn attention than a text-only post.

Along with images of products, include images depicting people enjoying lifestyles and activities inspired by the products you sell. Embed short videos that illustrate the benefits of a product, such as the ease of use, performance, and versatility.

4. Post Consistently And Remain Active

Only a tiny portion of your followers sees a post the first time it is published. Therefore it’s advised you repost often.

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Remaining active helps to keep your audiences on board, and no matter what platforms you use, communicating and posting regularly is important. For this reason, it’s also important not to oversaturate yourself by using too many social media platforms, as juggling all of these different audiences effectively without inadvertently neglecting your audiences can be difficult. In order to remain optimally active, first focus on just one or two social media platforms, and when you become more comfortable posting and communicating actively with both, only then take on another to make sure your audiences are well taken care of. A great way to remain active and stay that way is to set aside a couple of hours each day and dedicate this time to your social media affiliate marketing efforts.


5. Focus On High Quality Affiliate Products

If you’re linking to lower quality products, regardless of your post quality, the look of your link, or your photo use, you’re not going to make what you want to make from social media for affiliate marketing. You’ll always have more success backing a product you love or really believe in, and if you impress your audiences with a quality product, they’re more like to do word of mouth marketing for you, sending other interested parties to you to experience the product for themselves. While focusing on as many products as you can, regardless of quality, may seem like the way to get more from social media for affiliate marketing, you’re doing yourself a disservice when compared to backing a few products that you really love.

Lastly, remember to include proper disclosures.

To operate ethically and to abide by The Federal Trade Commission requirements, include disclosures on any social media posts containing affiliate links. A simple “#Ad” or “#Promoted” will do just fine.


The five tips above are some of the best ways that anyone can use to leverage the power of social media to effectively build their brands.  Once you successfully drive traffic to your website, you need an effective solution to facilitate online payment process. That’s where Paypal or Stripe comes to play.

Happy Affiliate Marketing!

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