Cryptocurrency future

What Does the Future Hold for Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is gaining ground, but could it one day replace national, fiat currencies? When the topic of cryptocurrency comes up, conversation inevitably circles back to the latest price fluctuations in bitcoin. But while this might be interesting in as much...

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Tech Trends

Instagram Quietly Added An In-App Payments Feature

Good news! Instagram just quietly added an in-app payments feature as a test appearing for some users, as first spotted by TechCrunch today. The feature lets users add a credit or debit card and a pin for additional security. After the initial...

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4 Reasons Cryptocurrency Still Hasn’t Gone Mainstream

Despite a decade of use and a twelve-figure market cap, it's still not clear whether cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are here to stay or will cross over into mainstream use. Some experts, like Nobel prize-winning economist Robert Shiller, are pessimistic. On...

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