The 6 Facts To Becoming A Successful Blogger

It’s been estimated that a large percentage of bloggers quit their blog within a year or less after that which was expected didn’t come through as quickly as they had anticipated. Traffic and money. The driving force of blogging. For these set of bloggers, there’s absolutely no passion attached.

While this is true it is important to understand that there is no specific measure for success as a blogger and there is no specific result you must achieve before you can be referred to as a successful blogger; your success is defined by you and your readers. In other words, if your main aim as a blogger is to be able to work whenever you want while still being able to live the lifestyle of your desire or if your main aim is to be making a particular amount of money from your blog monthly, you can be called a successful blogger when you achieve this.

For the purpose of clarity, to be a successful blogger actually means:

•  Enjoying the ride

            •  Having fun helping people
            •  Becoming a full-time blogger

If you want to become a successful blogger follow these steps.

a) Passion

Blog your passion. Pick a niche that feels fun to blog about.

This makes your blogging work feel like play. If the work feels like play, the work is the reward. Profits and traffic feel like extra’s or bonuses. The real key to blogging success is following your passion because succeeding as a blogger really takes time and hard work and the only way you will be able to give this is by being passionate about what you’re blogging about.

Being a passionate blogger doesn’t necessarily mean you should start blogging blindly because you think you’re passionate about a subject; if you are already passionate about something and you see another thing you so much love and would like to blog about you can work on building a passion for it. We are not always born to have a strong passion for something so passion is always developed; if you’re not sure what you’re passionate about try to develop a passion for something and focus on blogging about it till you succeed.


b) Problem

Tie your passion into solving some problem. You can’t just open a blog without having anything in mind to contribute. Your blog should be answering some answers; it should be helping people to achieve their goals or solve any difficulty they might be having in the chosen niche you are.

c) Practics

Practice writing. Practice creating helpful content. Practice building friendships with top bloggers.

Blogging is a skill. Like any skill, practicing certain disciplines helps you become adept in that area.

Spend years practicing by:

  • Writing 500-1000 words daily in a Word document to gain confidence and clarity in your writing voice.
  • Writing and publishing helpful posts and guest posts aligned with your niche, solving the pressing problem you chose for step 2
  • Creating videos and podcasts to aid your readers.
  • Building strong, genuine bonds with top bloggers in your niche by promoting them, by commenting authentically on their blogs and by asking how you can help them through email and social media.
  • Opening an income stream every 3-6 months, learning the in’s and out’s of the stream.

If you follow your passion you will never run out of energy, your passion fueling your practice.

d) Patience

Many things in life require a lot of patience and the same goes with blogging. A blogger can’t get success immediately as blogging requires patience. A blogger needs to keep working hard if he wants to keep achieving more as a blogger. Blogging has brought a positive change in the life of many, but that’s all because of the reason that they had the patience to get success with blogging. If you’re a blogger, then you should definitely understand the importance of having the patience for getting success.

Successful bloggers exhibit patience.
Being passionate makes you largely detached from outcomes. Bloggers only become impatient because they feel some outcome has not manifested in certain time frames, bemoaning their lack of results.

If you enjoy solving a specific problem and practice diligently you naturally become patient.

Some of the bloggers who are very successful and popular now didn’t give up when they were struggling. It is their patience which ultimately made them achieve their goals.

So, hey you blogger, imbibe the spirit of patience. It helps.

e) Persistence

Being persistent is more of a year to year deal versus the short term patience successful bloggers display over their careers.

Again; if you follow each step genuinely, your authentic passion fuels your blogging journey, energizing your practice sessions and supplying you with endless patience and persistence.

Good things take time.

Happy bloggers who experience worldly success know this.

f) Establishing A Tenacious Goal

What do you want your blog to be in the next 1 year? If your main goal for your blog is the vague I want to build a successful make money online blog then your blog is already doomed. There are already so many people who want to build a successful blog that help them make money online and it is always difficult for them to differentiate themselves from the crowd, your goals are what set you apart so you should focus on developing strong goals that bring results.

In conclusion, you have got to understand that life’s a blur, and it’s important you start with picking a blogging niche you love so won’t get tired when you should be stronger and producing helpful content for your readers.

Unless you have a very bizarre taste, I can assure you that out of 7 billion human beings on planet earth a fair portion share your interest and are begging for a passionate leader to emerge in that blogging niche. Possibly to lead them to the promised land.

That leader is you. That blogger is you.


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